No. One. Is. Spared.

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As a wife and as a mum, I am trying to figure out why I get so enraged some days. I wish I can blame this bad behaviour all on my husband and at the kids nibbling away at my patience with their silly questions, untrue stories from TikTok; antics and tricks (from Tik Tok, YouTube and proudly their own).

The truth is, I was irritable today because I stayed up late last night watching Bling Empire and ate some ice-cream. I didn’t wake up in time for mass. No exercise and no mediation either in the last 42 hours.

No wonder I was a pile of mess. 

This is what happens when I totally deviate from my routine. I need to be more vigilant now with my self care and self love routine because of my family. 

Normally, I am in bed by 8.30PM. I do my skincare routine; put on my aromatherapy mist and pink salt lamp; read a few pages of my book/meditate/prayer of thanks then sleep.

Moral of the story: Some days I am lousy and that’s okay.
Moral of the story: Some days, it’s okay to just show up. (Brené Brown thinks so too – and countless people she has interviewed – in her book I am currently reading: The Gifts of Imperfection)
Moral of the story: Don’t forget self love and self care
Moral of the story: There are many morals in one story!

PS: I don’t own a gun. This is all metaphorical to create drama and massage your imagination. My husband also received the grunt of my drama. The kids were spared this time.

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